Transform how your time is spent at work.

No more meeting bloat

Sonia helps dramatically shift how communication happens and how your team’s meetings are utilized.

Take notes automagically

Sonia works seamlessly with your workflow, plugging into your calendar and conferencing provider, with meeting transcriptions and key moments summarized.

Super Search

Organize your team’s audio, most relevant meetings and voice communication — all instantly searchable. Any and all valuable information pieces are just one click away.

Sharing + auto CRM entry

Instantly share key moments and insights from your meetings with your team via direct sharing and automatic CRM entry. No more need to manually update.

Meeting Summaries

Sonia leverages AI to extract key moments from meetings such as follow-ups and action items, instantly summarizing the most relevant information, while building ways to help process next steps.


We take data security and privacy seriously at Sonia. We offer measures to protect your organization and ensure the safety of your data. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

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