About Sonia

Sonia {meaning the sound of wisdom} was born to help ease our own frustrations in documenting client meetings, regulatory compliance meetings, and internal project management meetings.

After spending large amounts of time in these meetings, we realized that meetings are one of the most expensive endeavors of organizations today. We would be left with inefficiencies including time consuming tasks of summarizing, sharing, and coordinating follow ups. As a result, we created an artificial intelligence based agent that helps take notes, summarize key moments, and share the most insightful information from meetings with people on your team in an organized and searchable way. Our premise is that there's a large amount of intelligence that is exchanged in voice interactions, but no easy way to capture or share it to help people save time and make better decisions at work.

We imagine a future with a way to bookmark moments throughout your day where meaningful insights or actionable follow ups are discussed, and to be able to capture and share them with yourself or a your team members. This will dramatically shift how time is spent, how communication happens, and how the team's meetings are utilized. There will be a reduction in the cost of communication, and the ability to make better decisions much faster, resulting in significant increases in organizational productivity.

Based in San Francisco, Sonia Labs is a Series A funded company with investment from Battery Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Draper Associates, Promus Ventures, RRE Ventures, Route 66 Ventures, and angel investors including Charlie Songhurst, Niraj Mehta, and Steve Case. We are accelerating the shift toward organizational efficiency through machine learning, and are currently building out our engineering team. If our mission resonates, we'd love to hear from you on our careers page.