The easiest way to manage your team’s voice communication

You do the talking, Sonia does the rest.

Meeting transcriptions, summaries with follow-ups, and CRM entries — all sharable and searchable.

Simple to use

Sonia integrates with your calendar and conference call provider, while also working for your direct calls. Whether it’s Google, Outlook, Zoom, Webex, GoTo Meeting, or direct voice notes, we’ve got you covered.

Take fewer notes, be more present.

No more meeting overload — Sonia builds AI that does work for you, helping transform how you spend time at work.

Sonia brings all your voice communication together

One central place for your meetings — audio, transcripts, summaries and follow-ups — helping everyone save time and collaborate together.

Full transcripts after every meeting

  • Never forget a detail
  • Have a record for everyone to see
  • Share with people who were not in the meeting

How Sonia Works

Sonia is easy to set up and effortless to maintain

Link Your Calendar

Sonia seamlessly integrates into your workflow through calendar integration; link your Google or Outlook and we’ll take care of the notes on any conference calls you attend.

Conferencing Integrations

Sonia supports Zoom, Webex, GoTo Meeting, Uber Conference, BlueJeans, and many more. Whether you want to focus on the meeting or you’ve got fear of missing out, Sonia will dial into the meetings and begin transcribing immediately, even when you’re running late.

Transcribe Every Meeting

After the call, you’ll have a full transcript of the meeting in your Sonia account. Accuracy depends on call quality, and perfect transcripts are available upon request. Either way, Sonia will help you get the full value of your meeting in a searchable and shareable way.


Sonia leverages AI to extract key moments from meetings such as follow-ups and action items — instantly summarizing the most relevant information — and building ways to help process next steps.

CRM Entry

Instantly share key moments and insights from your meetings with your team via direct sharing and automatic CRM entry. No more need to manually update your workflow software.

See what Sonia can do for you